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Dear visitor! LIFE.Petersburg Information Agency shines all aspects of life of the huge megalopolis, a name to which - St. Petersburg, the significant events occurring in CIS countries and around the world, and also acts of interesting people where they lived, worked and created. Our journalists and press photographers represent NEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS and REPORTINGS, INTERVIEW to outstanding persons, materials about CINEMA and THEATRE, about FASHION and SPORTS, about MUSEUMS and COLLECTORS, stories about fascinating TRAVEL, data on MUSICAL events and STARS foreign fate and the priest of music. You will find also the POSTER, BUSINESS news, reports on CONFERENCES and PRESENTATIONS, offers on COOPERATION and many other headings. The site constantly replenishes. Copyright: LIFE.Petersburg. At a reprint the link on LIFE.Petersburg is obligatory. The LIFE.Petersburg Information Agency enters into the structure of LIFE.Petersburg Media Holding. On the INTRODUCTION page you will find the PROJECT description.Further you can address to the menu which is at the left, and to come on any of headings. If you were included into the section of the EVENT of LIFE.Petersburg, in the CALENDAR it is possible to open all these exclusive news for any last dates. If you want to examine BUSINESS NEWS, below the menu of these news on categories at the left will be developed. Commercial information can be placed in the necessary format in the section your ADVERTISING or on any other page of a portal. In the heading PHOTO GALLERY below names of all photo albums at the left open. In the section our BANNER there is a banner, the button and a logo for an exchange of banners, buttons and partner links on sites. You will be able to gather useful information for yourselves in headings GLOBAL NEWS and LINKS. In shape SEARCH possibility of finding of the publications necessary to you and materials is provided. You can glance in the section EDITION, and also be registered on the REGISTRATION button, having become our constant user. The GUEST book is created for your remarks and wishes.,,
WORLD TOURISM Travel Agency is occupied by the realization of interesting from the point of view "the price-quality” of the tourist products of Russian and foreign the tourist operators. Agency allows the information about the hotels of all levels on all countries and the continents and reference to the armoring of airline tickets and hotels. We can place the straight advertisement of your company in the necessary size on any of the portals of LIFE.Petersburg Media Holding, on the appropriate page under the suitable heading. We will establish the division of on-line of the armoring of your company, let us place video- interview with the leader, let us establish through of banner (logo) of company or reference to your proposals. Furthermore, we will supply traveller with the necessary information about different sights and health resorts of many countries of peace, let us share with it with the news of world tourist business, and let us also select for it interesting routes and fucoids. WORLD TOURISM Travel Agency  enters into the structure of  LIFE.Petersburg Media Holding.




The International Federation of Journalists


Saint-Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau

Saint-Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Beginning from the 18 century the best achievements were put in practice in Saint-Petersburg. It is here there splendid palaces, cathedrals and monuments are built, museums with the richest collections such as the Hermitage and the Russian museum, the famous Mariinsky Theater are constructed. Saint-Petersburg is often called the Northern Capital of Russia. It is the fourth largest megapolis of Europe. Its geopolitical, intellectual, economical, cultural and historical advantages are unique. St. Petersburg is managed by three branches of city power. The first branch is the Administration that is composed of the Governor himself, of the City Government, of the Governor's Office, and also of the Administration's territorial and industrial branches, administrative boards in charge of separate industries. The second is superior and the sole legislative authority - The Parliament of St. Petersburg. The third branch consists of Statutory Court of St. Petersburg, federal courts and city courts.


State Hermitage Museum


The Russian Museum

Saint-Petersburg extend mobile helping hand to tourists
Saint Petersburg, "Mobile Tele Systems” the biggest operator of cellular network in Russia and CIS together with Management on tourism of Committee under investments and strategic projects and Agency of City Marketing announce the lunch of unique service "City concierge”. Contact-center – is a free-of-charge center of information support begins its work on May, 21st 2008. The project is realized by Management on tourism of Committee under investments and strategic projects and Agency of City Marketing within the limits of development of city as a tourist center for the period of 2005-2010. Any visitor or citizen of Saint Petersburg may call (812) 300 3333 and receive various information about the city: how to get to the right place, where to go for leisure or how to order a taxi and many others. Operators of the center will consult a tourist and will help him in case of emergency: police, ambulance, and many other services from booking a hotel and calling a personal guide to ordering flowers. "Contact center” is an important step in a number of actions on information and security support for the visitors especially foreign tourists in Saint Petersburg. We want every guest coming to our city to feel himself comfortable”, - says M.Ordzhonikidze, vice-president of Committee under investments and strategic projects, the head of department on tourism. Service is accessible in five most widespread languages of the world: Russian, English, German, French and Spanish. In future the service will be in Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese. Using "City concierge" service visitors from the CIS, who have chosen MTS as a roaming operator, may use Contact-center service absolutely for free, calling on short number 05333 from the mobile phone. "Tuning service to perfection - one of the key directions of MTS work. We are ready to provide quality communication and convenient services to the citizens and visitors of the Northern capital. "I am sure, that now the program of foreign visitors stay in St.-Petersburg will become more comfortable, intensive, and impressions - are only positive", - Ivan Zolochevsky, director of macro region "Northwest MTS" says.

Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation with North-West Russia 2009-2013
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